Techspec Product Warranty

Conditions and Terms

Techspec warranties Gripster Tank Grip adhesive when product is applied specifically to the area of which the “Tank Grip” product is designed and intended for that use.

Gripster Tank Grips are considered a "Wear Product". By definition, “Wear” is damage, erode, or destroy by friction or use. Wear on the “Gripster Tank Grips” or “Riders Apparel”, due to friction caused when in use, is not considered for warranty replacements.

Factory adhesive failures will be considered for warranty replacements.

Adhesive is warrantied for the first year of purchase. After 12 months from purchase warranties is no longer in effect.

TechSpec Gripster products are “Removable”, but NOT labeled nor marketed as “Reusable”. Though there are many cases where product is removed and reused, this is at the sole discretion of owner/rider.

NO Warranty on ALL general sheet and custom kits as TechSpec has no control of design or area intended for use.

All Gripster Tank Grip products submitted for replacement will need to submit pictures for proof of purchase and proof of product defect.

Disclaimer on Wear

High Fusion: Is recommended for all styles of riding.

C3: Is only recommended for everday commuting, casual rides, and touring models. Not recommended for racers or track day riders

Snake Skin: Is recommended for all styles of riding. Highly recommended for racers and track day riders.

XLine: Recommended for all styles of riding. Highly recommended for racers and track day riders. XLine is not a bling bling cosmetic product. XLine is a highly functional motorcycle tank grip. XLine may fade depending on how aggressive you grip your tank. XLines edges may show wear depending on where you place the tank grip. XLine testing has proven solid for multiple seasons by highly skilled riders. XLine will be the best damn tank grip you sink your legs into!!!

This is a wear product.


You will see wear marks depending on your riding style

Should you require a replacement please use the following form. Be sure to include an accurate description and a photo.


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